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So I was surfing the net, as you do, and I remembered my biology teacher showing me this website in class one day, it is called the ‘World Population Clock’ and it gives a fairly accurate prediction of the current population, and it can also predict what the population in the future will be, and it also tells you what the population was in the past. Pretty cool eh? 😉 So I decided to find out what date the population reached 1 billion, I found out that Humans reached that population on the 10th September 1917 at 6:09am, which means within the space of 94years, our population has grown by 6 billion! That is a crazy amount! We have turned into rabbits, very promiscuous rabbits.. 😛

So by the time you have finished reading this post, the population would of grown by about 58 people! Just thought I would add that little bit!

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