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Plain Ridiculous..

In our world there are ridiculous things that happen, one of these things I will now talk about, and that’s people who sue over the most ridiculous of things..

The first man on my list was a guy who sued his doctor because he survived his cancer longer than his doctor predicted.. Now that’s just plain ridiculous, its one thing that this guy would actually sue over living, but for him to win this case! The judge must of been high!

There was a woman, who didn’t have much common sense, she bought a nice hot coffee from Mcdonalds, but she accidentally dropped it on her lap, she then sued Mcdonalds for millions of dollars for the coffee being too hot.. Who would want a cold coffee! ofcourse its going to be hot, that is totally ridiculous in my view.

There was another man, now this guy loved his cigars, and he bought a load for few thousands dollars, because he loved them so much, he put fire insurance on them, of course he smoked them and claimed the insurance for fire damage.. It doesn’t stop there! The insurance company then accused him of arson, and he was then arrested for arson! I will point out, this was in America.

Finally there was another woman, she bought an RV with cruise control, so as she was driving, she put on the cruise control button, and went into the back to make herself a cup of tea, of course she crashed, and sued the company for not putting in the instructions that you couldn’t do that.. How idiotic do you have to be to do something like that! Its a wonder she was able to drive in the first place.

I thought you might enjoy some of these silly things people do and get money for, maybe you will get some ideas, I don’t know, but I hope you enjoy it 🙂

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