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Britain Sucks…

Come on guys, you all know its true! One day we used to be mighty, we used to control one quarter of the Earth’s surface! Across our empire the sun never sunk, somewhere in our once great empire the sun was shining high. We controlled, Austrailia, New Zealand, India, parts of Africa, Canada, infact we used to own america one day 😉 but what happened to it all!? Look at us now, before we do anything major in foreign affairs we have to ask America’s permission, infact I recently discovered that America have our launch codes for our nuclear weapons, we can’t have them, how awkward would that be if we went to war with America “Hey Obama you know them launch codes you got for our nukes, well, we kinda need them to nuke Washington….” (FYI I am completely oposed to nuclear warfare). Our economy sucks! I hardly understand it all, but I do know all these Oxford and Cambridge graduates, the so called ‘inteligentsia’ of our society screwed up… BIG TIME!! Not only did they get us into this mess, but they being incredibly slow in getting us out of it, many countries are seeing a silver lining, but we are not.. How could we as once proud Britons let our beloved country fall like this, we went to China the other week asking for money, but they refused. Oh how the tables are turning in this world, the once called ‘Less Economically Developed Countries’ (LEDC’s) are now rising up, and when we were mighty, the west, we treated them like scum, now its there turn. I don’t get how our government officials let our country end up like this, some guy up there must of thought, “We are going to have to pay back all this borrowed money… Shouldn’t we stop borrowing, bring industry back into the country and become self sufficient?” I guess not the way the country has turned out, they dont expect things to get any better for 15 years, the youth unemployment is through the roof, the future generations, the intelligent well educated youth are working in coffee shops! Something has to be done, something drastic has to be done now! And to top it all off, The weather here SUCKS!! This is how I feel about our country, I just wanted you to be aware of my thoughts and feelings on it, because it seems so many people are oblivious to it.

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