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The King..

B.B. King, when he plays the blues, he puts his soul into it, like no other person I’ve come across, especially when he solos, every note is perfect together, it makes me cringe (in a good way) when I listen to him. Here’s a few of his songs, I totally recomend him! 🙂


Sex, Drugs, But No Rock N Roll..

If I may be so bold for a bit…

Whats up with today’s music!! A time not so long ago, there were musicians that would write lyrics that would invigorate your mind and soul, riffs that would be out of this world, guitar solos that were so awesome, the Sun would bow down to it. Lyrics used to represent the times, be it good or bad. But today, music seems to be focused on what we ‘common folk’ don’t have, Money, women/guys every materialistic thing on this Earth. I really do fear that the value of music has now lost its meaning, music seems to be the same mainstream rubbish over and over, no originality, no lyrics that represent the times (unless our society is now all about sex, drugs but no rock and roll) I would like to invite you all to listen to the music that gave the foundations for today’s music, I’m sure when they laid these foundations, they didn’t expect the building on top to be what it is today. If you already listen to the good old music, then spread the word, that Rock N Roll is coming back to town! Along with blues, jazz and rock, in all its glorious forms.

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