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So yeah I know, valentines has been and gone, but that’s no excuse to not express yourself to that special woman through music. So I thought I would compile a small list of songs to help you, now these I will admit will be rock songs, (because I just love rock!) but its all about the lyrics! 🙂

So number one is Always by Bon Jovi. Bon Jovi always (no pun intended ;)) generally write songs based on love, this is one of the best ones I think they did. Sweet lyrics, an awesome guitar solo, what more could the woman want! 😉

The next is by Guns N Roses and its called Think about you. Even the title is lovely 😛 with this you get the beautiful lyrics, plus a solo from Slash, (who, in my reckoning is one of the greatest guitarists) what a great package! Great song as always by Guns n Roses. Enjoy 🙂

Now, this next song, I had to include. A song which should be familiar to anyone, no matter what kind of music they listen too. This next song is by Aerosmith, I don’t wanna miss a thing. Just a beautiful song 🙂

This next song is by a band which has been around for a long time, a band which I really love. The Rolling Stones, and the song is Loving Cup. I really like the lyrics of this song, and its simplicity. A great song, check it out! 🙂

Now this next song I just had to put in because its amazing! Maybe a little too ‘rocky’ but i’m putting it in nonetheless. This is Led Zeppelin Whole lotta love. Those who used to watch Top of the Pops may recognise this song too. Plus Robert Plant just has a beautiful voice! And the solo is epic! 😛

Post any other suggestions you have. I hope these songs will help to express yourself, or I hope you just enjoy them as much I do! Have a nice day! 🙂 




Some Days, This Is All I Want To Do…

I WANNA ROCK!!! 😀 yeah, this band may have some dress issues… But the music they produce is very good, a nice little simple guitar solo which sounds really good, a good guitar solo isnt necessarily the fastest or the most complex, but the ones that just fit really well with the style of the song, that just sound good in general 🙂 so enough blabbing lets get to the rock!! 😀

As I wrote this post another song comes to mind, something else I wanna do… This is by another band who have a strange dress sense.. This is Kiss, I wanna rock N roll all night!

enjoy! 😀

And The Biggest Mouth Goes To..

..Mr Steven Tyler!
(He was quite surprised with winning as you can tell)

Steven Tyler is the lead singer of Aerosmith, the band that gave you ‘Dude Looks Like a Lady’ and ‘I Don’t Wanna Miss a Thing’. The big mouth must do something as he has a fantastic voice! He also has quite the signature scream. Great guy and a great band, i definitely recommend them! 🙂

Bit Of Spare Cash..?

Writing that post about the Foo Fighters reminded me of another band, Blink 182, all their songs are crazy and so good to listen to, this video by them just shows you what to do if you have a bit of spare cash floating around…

My Top 5 Pink Floyd Songs

To start it of, Wish you were here is deffinately at the top of the list, simple riff, deep lyrics, and a beautiful solo makes it perfect for just listening in bed and chilling out too.  

Next song was voted one of the best guitar solos ever! Its an absolutely fantastic song! This is Comfortably Numb. 

This Next song is similar to wish you were here, in the style of the song, quite calm, but what it talks about is powerful, this is Mother. 

Time is another great song by Pink Floyd, I hard to think long and hard what to put as their top 5, because frankly they are such an awesome band and I love them all! 

Finally is High Hopes, this version is David Gilmour live in Gdansk, and I chose this because I love the added little solo at the end which just seems to wrap up this beautiful song, the solo is fantastic as usual, check it out! 🙂 

Hope you enjoy these songs as much as I do, which is a lot! Have a nice day 🙂

Bon Jovi Live In Lisbon, 2011

Perhaps The Greatest Live Band…

I absolutely love David Gilmour/Pink Floyd live, the atmosphere they bring to a show is breath taking, I wish I could go see them live and be part of the show, everything is perfect about it!

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