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Do you know them songs where when you listen to them, you just feel really good? Well one song that does that for me is Learning To Fly by the Foo Fighters. It must be the energy they give out when they play, or the hilarious video, either way it makes me feel good 🙂 check it out!!



I was just checking out some funny stuff with my friend Mike when we came across this.

Sad times..

So things are not going as well as you want? Well we shall not dwell on the details, here is a few songs related to bad times. Hopefully they might inspire you, or just think things through, have a listen

We will start with The Fray How To Save A Life.

This is a song that I have always loved, I often sing this when I am walking somewhere, its called Hallelujah, and this is a version by Bon Jovi, i am not saying this is the best version, but it was one I do enjoy.

I include this next song because it helps me to think, and in sad times, I often like to reflect on what has happened, so here is the song Le Onde (The Waves) by Ludovico Einaudi

This next song is one of my favourite songs, it has absolutely fabulous lyrics, it is Wish You Were Here by David Gilmour

Another song I think is good for these times is Superman Tonight by Bon Jovi.

Jamaican Pearls Of Wisdom..

The words of a famous Jamaican, ‘Don’t worry, be happy‘.



So life is feeling good? New job? New girlfriend? Well whatever it is, that is good, here is a few songs that will help your happiness stay, give you that great feeling of having a great life. As you can see I am very happy here! Haha

First on the list is a song you may associate with a great big slide and a certain bank…. Well if you haven’t guessed, its More Than a Feeling by Boston

Next on the list is a song especially for them bright sunny days, you wake up and the sun is shinning, its your day of work or school, and generally life is good, its Summer Of 69 by Bryan Adams.

Another song I just love to listen to when times are good is Animal by Def Leppard, I don’t know if it will have the same effect on you guys as me, but hey give it a listen.

The next song is Have A Nice Day by Bon Jovi, the title name itself is rather lovely.

Whilst on the theme of Bon Jovi another song by them that really gets me going is Its My Life.

This song has got energy, and is about how amazing his woman is, good for you guys who have just got a girlfriend, or current one. This is by Deep Purple, Highway Star.

The next song is about how amazing our world is, a very famous song so I would be surprised if you have never heard of it before. Louis Armstrong What A Wonderful World.

Next on the list is Beautiful Day by U2.

As they say, save the best for last, my personal favourite in terms of uplifting songs is Feeling Good, this version is by Michael Buble




So I have decided to give you a list of songs for them high times, and low times, please comment on any other songs I can put on for each mood.

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