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Origins of Metal

Metal, or heavy metal, is a Style of rock that came out in the late 1960’s, early 70’s mainly in the UK. If you delve deep enough you will see elements of Blues and phychedellic rock. Metal took rock, and created longer and more intense guitar solos, made thick, massive sounds with distortion, and also basic overall loudness. The lyrics often refer to masculinity.

When it first arrived, it was often described as hard rock, but over time was used to describge music with more volume, and power. Hard rock maintained its swing in the back beats and riffs, and bluesy character, whereas metal evolved to have riffs with stand alone melodies, and had no swing in them.

One of the first bands to start this style, or move towards it was Led Zeppelin, with Robert Plants Wails, and Jimmy Pages highly distorted guitar style. But probably the biggest player in early metal was Black Sabbath with their 1970 releases of Black Sabbath and Paranoid. Deep Purple also touched metal from time to time, but by 1969 Ian Gillan, and Ritchie Blackmore were leading the band to the heavy metal style. Judas Priest made metal what it is, made metal a complete genre of its own. For many it was the post-Black Sabbath heavy metal band, with its non-bluesy more cleanly metalic sound and featuring heavy rapid tempos.


List of Metal Bands:

  • Black Sabbath- 1968
  • Led Zeppelin- 1968
  • Deep Purple- 1968

These were considered to be theĀ pioneers of metal, and modern day hard rock.

List of more current metal bands:

  • Cradle of Filth- 1991
  • Dimmu Borgir- 1993
  • Slipknot-1995
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