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The King..

B.B. King, when he plays the blues, he puts his soul into it, like no other person I’ve come across, especially when he solos, every note is perfect together, it makes me cringe (in a good way) when I listen to him. Here’s a few of his songs, I totally recomend him! 🙂


Bluesy Wuesy..

One of my favourite songs by Eric Clapton is Layla, and I recently discovered this my Rocky version of the song, check out the Bassist when Eric starts the main riff, his reaction his priceless! 

Have a nice day 🙂

Beautiful Blues Songs

I just thought I would show you some blues songs I really enjoy, I hope you enjoy them too, I would love to hear your comments on them, and any suggestions you may have. Happy listening.

Eric Clapton- Layla. This is my favourite version of this song, and is more up-beat than the original.

Stevie Ray Vaughan- Pride and Joy. This guy was the master of the blues guitar.

BB King- Blues Boys Tune. This guy has great feeling when he plays the guitar, such talent. And you got to love his face when he plays.

Sea Sick Steve- Dog House Blues. This guy is insane, 3 stringed madness!

Gary Moore- Parisienne Walkways. R.I.P this legend, may he continue to rock out in heaven.

The Rolling Stones- Gimme Shelter. This is a fantastic song, it has such emotion, the lyrics really make you think how corrupt our world was, not so long ago, when we thought we were ‘civilised’.

Origins of Blues

Many of the elements of blues can be traced back to the African continent, known as the ‘cradle of blues’. The earliest style of blues had a functional expression, it had no accompaniment or harmony, it was often used to describe how they were feeling through music, feelings of the hardships they go through as slaves, very powerful music.

Instrument, in the ‘African blues’.

  • Akonting, a folk lute from the Jola tribe of Senegambia. It is obvious that it is a predecessor to the American banjo, especially in its playing style, the construction of the instrument and its role as a folk instrument.

Influence from Spirituals.

The Spiritual was a form of religious song, which was played in the camp meeting of The Great Awakening in the early 19th century. Spirituals gave the listeners the same feelings as misery and loneliness of mankind as the blues.

Social and economic aspects.

Blues has evolved over the years, from unaccompanied music of black slaves to many sub genres and a diverse variety of style. The first appearance of blues was probably between 1870 and 1900, a time which coincides with the emancipation of the slaves. Some people say that in the early 1900’s, blues became more individualised style as opposed to group performances, probably explains how we get so many forms of blues. The uncertainty of the when blues really started was maybe due to the fact that many of these individuals who played the blues, moved from community to community, leaving little to no record of what music they played.

The first 12-bar-blues song was in 1904 a song called “One o’ Them Things” written by James Chapman and Leroy Smith. One of the first professional blues singers was Ma Rainy, who claimed to have coined the term ‘Blues’. Blues singers became popular in the 1920’s.

Some famous blues singers/bands:

  • Eric Clapton
  • BB King
  • Albert King
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