My Top 5 Pink Floyd Songs

To start it of, Wish you were here is deffinately at the top of the list, simple riff, deep lyrics, and a beautiful solo makes it perfect for just listening in bed and chilling out too.  

Next song was voted one of the best guitar solos ever! Its an absolutely fantastic song! This is Comfortably Numb. 

This Next song is similar to wish you were here, in the style of the song, quite calm, but what it talks about is powerful, this is Mother. 

Time is another great song by Pink Floyd, I hard to think long and hard what to put as their top 5, because frankly they are such an awesome band and I love them all! 

Finally is High Hopes, this version is David Gilmour live in Gdansk, and I chose this because I love the added little solo at the end which just seems to wrap up this beautiful song, the solo is fantastic as usual, check it out! 🙂 

Hope you enjoy these songs as much as I do, which is a lot! Have a nice day 🙂


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About Joe Sanchez Lawrance

I play guitar, I love rock n roll and I speak a little Portuguese.

2 responses to “My Top 5 Pink Floyd Songs”

  1. GJ Scobie says :

    I hadn’t heard the Gdansk version of High Hopes until the end of last year and what a performance. I would have to put that in my top five. Thanks for sharing.

    • Joe Sanchez Lawrance says :

      Its one of my favourite songs, and my favourite version of that song, I just love the added acoustic guitar solo at the end, a perfect ending. I wish I could of been at that performance! No problem man! 🙂

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