The Tardigrade, the super hero of the animal world!

This has got to be the most fantastic creature I have ever heard of, it was an interesting fact my Dad shared one day. But a Tardigrade also known as a Water Bear is very small, barely visible by the naked eye, and this little guy has been spotted in Hot Springs, on top of the Himalayers, under solid ice, in ocean sediments and even on your roof. It can survive temperatures of 100 C comfortably, or 151 C for a few minutes, it can survive temperatures as low as -200 C for days, or -272 for a few minutes (that is one degree above absolute zero!)
Some species can survive pressures at 6000 atmospheres, that is about 6 times more pressure than Earth’s deepest ocean trench, it can survive the vacuum of open space and solar radiation for 10 days and some even reproduced there!
They can survive 10 years without water, in complete dry conditions.
They can survive radiation levels of up to 5000 gamma rays, 5-10 could be fatal to humans!
And on top of all that, if conditions get too extreme for them they can go into a form of suspended animation until conditions get better, for decades this suspended animation could last. Quite literally extraordinary! Here is a picture of these little super heroes.


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