A beautiful rainy day

Something I tried recently was listening to chilled out music, but having a rainy soundtrack played over the top of it, it really brings out the emotions of a song. The song I tried this out with was wish you were here by Pink Floyd, Hallelujah (the Rufus Wainwright version) How to save a life by The Fray, the type of music that makes you think.

An artist I heard about recently called Ludovico Einaudi. Born 23 November 1955 in Turin. He is a piano composer and an absolutely fantastic one, very talented too. He may not be as talented as many in his genre, often referred as a minimalist, but his style is very different, very unique, especially compared to other minimalists. They are simple melodies, but very beautiful still. Some of my favorite songs by him include I Giorni, Le Onde and Divenire. Played on a rainy day looking out through the window will bring back memories for you.

Enya, an Irish singer, is another amazing artist who is great to listen to on rainy days, she has a stunning voice an is great to relax too. She was named worlds best selling female artist in 2001 and Ireland’s best-selling solo musician. One of my favorite songs by her is Caribbean Blue.


About Joe Sanchez Lawrance

I play guitar, I love rock n roll and I speak a little Portuguese.

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