Joe’s best live band

I will start of with Deep Purple, Ian Gillan can really get the crowd going, he has got a great stage presence, one famous quote from him when he was playing live (cant remember where) was ‘I want everything louder than everything else!’ Deep Purple still sound great live , in one of their gigs Richie Blackmore didn’t want any camera men on stage, but some crazy fool decided to film on stage, and mid solo in highway star, Blackmore just picks up a glass of water throws it at the camera man and just carries on soloing, beautiful, pure rock n roll.

Another great band live i think is Pink Floyd. They have a system we’ll call it, where all their live shows have to be note perfect, no added bits because Pink Floyd regards their music as precious, and when they play live, it has to be perfect, probably more perfect than the studio version. They will not even let the audience sing along, they have to be quite when they are playing, well Pink Floyd discourage it a lot, you still get the audience singing to Wish you were here. Because of this system the music played at their performances is amazing, a great aura surrounds the place when they play, i wish i could of seen them live. Pink Floyd also puts on an amazing lights and effects display. In their Pulse tour the lights were so bright and extravagant, air traffic had to be diverted from the area! Now thats rock n roll!

Rainbow is another band that plays well live, yet again we meet Richie Blackmore who is an amazing guitarist! They can really get the crowd going like Deep Purple, they also add their own little extras, unlike Pink Floyd.

Uriah Heep I think is also a good band live, they add their own stuff, have good quality music, and often play the British national anthem..

Thin Lizzy, now Phill Lynot was a great stage man, always had plenty of things to say, he would speak to the audience and make them feel more involved, Scot Gorom, and Gary Moore (God bless his soul) are both great guitarists, one of their songs that was great live was baby drives me crazy.

Personally I love Pink Floyd and David Gilmour live, I just love the atmosphere  they bring to their shows.


About Joe Sanchez Lawrance

I play guitar, I love rock n roll and I speak a little Portuguese.

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