Joe’s A-Z of recomended bands


B- Bon Jovi

C- Coldplay

D- Deep Purple

E- Eric Clapton

F- Foo Fighters

G- Guns N’ Roses

H- Hawkwind

I- Iggy Pop

J- Jarimoquai

K- The Kinks

L- Led Zeppelin

M- Muse

N- Nirvana

O- The Outlaws

P- Pink Floyd

Q- Queen

R- Rolling Stones

S- Santana

T- The Who

U- Uriah Heep

V- Van Halen

W- Whitesnake

Y- Neil Young

Z- ZZ Top

each of these names is linked to Amazon, where you can buy a CD from any of these artists.


About Joe Sanchez Lawrance

I play guitar, I love rock n roll and I speak a little Portuguese.

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