Joe’s A-Z of songs he recomends

A- All of my love: Led Zeppelin

B- Black Night: Deep Purple (The lyrics are rubbish, but the riff is absolutly genius!)

C- Comfortably Numb: Pink Floyd (One of the greatest guitar solos of ALL time!)

D- Dream on: Aerosmith

E- Estranged: Guns ‘N’ Roses (Not a very famous song by them, but still an amazing song)

F- Fooled again: The who

G- Girls Girls Girls: Motley Crue

H- Here I go Again: Whitesnake (A classic)

I- I want to break free: Queen

J- Jump: Van Halen

K- Keep on Rockin’ in the free world: Neil Young

L- Liven’ on a prayer: Bon Jovi (Something everybody should know, yet I still recomend it)

M- Marooned: Pink Floyd (An excellant instrumental song)

N- November Rain: Guns ‘N’ Roses

O- One in a million: Guns ‘N’ Roses

P- Paradice City: Guns ‘N’ Roses

Q- Queen We Will Rock You! (Cant think of one beginning with Q

R- Rock ‘N’ Roll: Led Zeppelin

S- Sweet Home Alabama: Lynyrd Skynyrd

T- Tears in heaven: Eric Clapton

U- Uprising: Muse

V- ???

W- Wish you were here: Pink Floyd (The Lyrics to this song are pure genius, absolutly beautiful)

X- ???

Y- You Shook me all night long: ACDC

Z- I cant think of one for Z so il sat ZZ top: La grange

If you can think of one begining with V, X, Z and Q then please comment.


About Joe Sanchez Lawrance

I play guitar, I love rock n roll and I speak a little Portuguese.

One response to “Joe’s A-Z of songs he recomends”

  1. Tasha Lawrance says :

    For ‘Q’ have Queensryche 😉

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