A beautiful sunny day

Recently the weather in England has been very summery, and there have been certain songs ive just been casually singing like On a beach in Hawaii by Ziggy Marley, you could say this is a love song, well a Jamacan love song with lyrics like ‘I wish you were here with me, walking on a beach in Hawaii’. It’s got a simple tune, with a little, simple (but effective) solo.

Summer of 69 by Brian Adams is another one ive been thinking about, it’s that type of song where you just walk out your front door look outside at the lovely summer weather and just go for a walk humming this tune, and perhaps do some air guitaring, great song i recomend.

Dry county by Bon Jovi from their Keep The Faith Album, which was written after a motor bike journey through American, (tell me if im wrong) but its about trying to find a better life and a better job, and i get the impression it’s in the American Great Plains. Many of Bon Jovi’s songs are based on the theme of ‘LIVE IT!’ as I thinkis depicted in this song. An awesome guitar solo, amazing lyrics, i truely recomend this song!

Feeling good, ne of my favourite versions of this song is by Michael Buble and Muse, it is a very optimistic song, great intrumental, great lyrics, makes you feel good, it puts a smile on your face, one song I have been singing to myself a lot recently.


About Joe Sanchez Lawrance

I play guitar, I love rock n roll and I speak a little Portuguese.

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